Using collections with MemberData attribute in F#

Working with collections of custom types in xUnit always felt clumsy. To pass such a set of data, you had either create a property or a whole class. No matter which options you choose, it's a lot of boilerplate.

What a pleasant surprise was how less cumbersome it is to do in F#.

The plan is to compare two value objects defined as a type alias:

type StationName = StationName of string

The test doesn't require much code as well.

[<MemberData(nameof (stationsData))>]
let ``compare stations correctly`` (station, otherStation, expected) =
    let result = station = otherStation
    Assert.Equal(expected, result)

C# developers, watch out for = comparison!

And now the clou. Take a look at stationsData definition:

let stationsData: seq<array<Object>> =
    seq {
            [| "Sopot" |> StationName
               "Sopot" |> StationName
            [| "Sopot" |> StationName
               "Gdynia" |> StationName
               false |]

Instead of the type definition for stationsData you could omit it and box every value using |> box. I found the former approach more readable.

Anyway, that's all the code you need. Simple, isn't it?